Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Willie the Wildcat:

This is Willie the Wildcat, and this is me, Mr. Piper (I'm the human and Willie is the plush pal, just in case there was any confusion).  Willie the Wildcat is our school's mascot.  

Willie the Wildcat has enjoyed a wonderful life here at University School of Milwaukee.  He enjoys the smiles and laughter of the students, especially Mr. Piper's fifth graders, whom he sees every day.  He enjoys exploring Mrs. DeTorre's fish tank and gazing at the beautiful coral.  
Willie the Wildcat enjoys eating lunch in our dining room.  Apples are one of his favorite foods.

However, Willie the Wildcat longs to see more than just the friendly confines of University School.  He wants to travel the world.

Thanks to his ol' pal Mr. Piper and Mr. Piper's students, Willie the Wildcat hopes to travel to the same places Mr. Piper's students are studying about this year to learn more about his greater world.

First stop: India
Willie the Wildcat has always enjoyed learning about the beautiful nation of India.  He has enjoyed looking at books about India.

He has even dreamed of having his picture taken in front of the Taj Mahal.

With the help of Mr. Piper's student, Ritika, Willie the Wildcat will have a chance to travel to India and arrive in time to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year in India- Diwali, the festival of the lights.  Willie the Wildcat is looking forward to his travels, hopefully getting some new Indian clothing, and experiencing Diwali first hand with Ritika's aunt, Shakuntala, in Chandigarh, India.

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