Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here Comes Diwali!

To celebrate Diwali with the whole family, we went from Chandigarh to Dhuri, a town in Punjab. Willie accompanied us. Here he is, sharing space with statues of Lord Ganesha
(The Elephant God) and Goddess Lakshmi.

All bright and shiny.... Willie is in front of “Kandeel,” decorative lanterns made up of paper

It's time to get ready for the action!  As we prepared for Diwali, we bought firecrackers at the bazaar.  Willie even got to choose which "crackers" we purchased.  He chose the "eco-friendly" type.  Good for Willie :)!  

Willie here is with the potter, who made the “diya” with mud.   Diyas are small, clay pots that are used as little lamps at Diwali.  In India, they still make the diyas by hand. You can see the different types of diyas in front of Willie.

Question from Mr. Piper:
Based on our knowledge of Indian culture and the Indian economy, what is the term that is used to describe the type of industry commonly found in India where people make goods by hand either individually or alongside their families and neighbors in their villages?

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  1. Mr. Piper the answer to your question is a cottage industry.
    Peter G.