Sunday, November 11, 2012

Willie Explores India!

Our furry friend Willie is enjoying his time in India, thanks to Ritika's aunt, Shakuntala.  Shakuntala took the following pictures and wrote descriptions of Willie's adventures thus far in India.  Right now, Willie is helping Shakuntala and her family prepare for the festival of Diwali.  Let's see what Willie's been up to.  Thanks to Shakutala for writing the following descriptions to the photos:

Siswa Dam:
Willie accompanied us to water reserve near  Siswa Dam. This place is in Himachal Pradesh, a hilly state of India.

Willie Goes to the Bazaar:
To help us do our Diwali shopping Willie came with us to Diwali bazaar and made friends with lots of local people, using his great Wildcat charm. In this pic, Willie is with Mitali, a girl from the state of West Bengal.   The streamers behind her are made by her parents.

 Which one to buy???  Thinking very hard... which one to buy???

Where is the treasure
At the same bazaar, Willie participated in a treasure hunting competition with us. Although we didn’t win..... Willie finally found the treasure! J

Willie’s visit to the park:
Since he has arrived at our home, Willie is a regular visitor at our local park.  You can watch him enjoying the rides and with his new friends.

Meet Some of Willie's new friends:(from left to Right  Shubhi, Teg and Avneet)

Mr. Piper's Questions for his students in Milwaukee, WI, USA:
Based on these pictures, let's think about the following questions:

1.  Based on your knowledge of India's land and climate, and especially the monsoons, why do you think water reserves are important to the people in India? 

2.  What is a bazaar?  What might a bazaar be similar to in Milwaukee?

3.  Why does Willie seem to have such a good time at the park?  

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  1. Testing 1234

    Will P
    Piper's class

  2. Bazaars are market-like stores that sell a lot of things. In America, bazaars are similar to Cosco or Target. In the Indian bazaars right now, they are selling mostly Diwali things because it is almost Diwali.

    Stephanie G Piper's class

  3. Bazaars are stores that sell lots of things. In Milwaukee a bazaar would be a store like Costco or winkies.

    Simon A

  4. A bazaar is a marketplace like thing that sells lots of different things. A bazaar in Milwaukee could be like a Costco or any other wholesale store. A bazaar could also sell things related to an upcoming holiday.

    Jordan P

  5. Water reserves are important to India, because they are used for people to store water, just in case something bad happens, like a monsoon.

    Jose Z. Piper's class

  6. It looks like Willie is having fun. I think that Wille is going to have fun at Diwalli in India.

  7. Diwalli is a really big celebration,
    people put up lots of decorations, and light.

  8. 1. The water reserves are used for sanitation
    2. Bazaars are places where they market stuff, such as farmers market
    3. Willie is having fun because he has friends to play with and can swing, also go down slides

    Ritika P

  9. I think willie is having fun because he seems to have many people who want to play with him, and make his experience in India as enjoyable as possible. I hope he will meet many more people like that.

  10. Sorry I meant irrigation
    Ritika P

  11. A bazaar is a market in India. And it is similair to target and Costco

    Mr. Piper's class

  12. a good place to take willie is a water reserve. why this would be a good place is because water reserves reserve water for natural disasters like monsoons. -Blakely Martin