Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Onset of Diwali

Onset of Diwali –Dhanteras
Two days before Diwali, Dhanteras is celebrated. On this day people buy things made up of metal (any kind of metal like gold, silver, bronze and iron) like utensils jewelery or vehicles. Willie participated in the Dhanteras festivities.

Willie helps make a rangoli

Rangoli are decorative designs made of flowers and/or colored sand.  Rangoli are often found during Diwali on doorsteps of houses and at the places where idols/pictures of gods/goddesses are kept to welcome them (the gods) during the Pooja (prayer time).  Ranglois were made with foot prints of Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity). From this day onward festivities for Diwali starts and people decorate their houses with lights and offering prayers to God with sweets and dry fruits.

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